Dr. Philippe Brewaeys, plastic surgeon

A choice for plastic surgery isn't one you make over night. It's a far reaching choice that will alter your life. But if you think that an esthetic procedure will help you to feel better it certainly can be an option to consider.

Everything starts out with getting the right information. That's why it's crucial to talk to
a knowledgeable person such as Dr. Phillipe Brewaeys and explain your situation. He will listen attentively to your wishes and inform you correctly about the options you have and the eventual riscs.

Dr. Philippe Brewaeys has been a certified plastic surgeons for over fifteen years and he is specialized in esthetic corrections. He holds degrees in medicine and general surgery. After getting those degrees he specialized in plastic surgery by following all kinds of training at home and abroad. Both theoretical and practical. He holds the skill set and experience to perform esthetic corrections following the correct procedures and techniques.

He will find together with you the best possible procedure. Dr. Brewaeys listens to you and your body. He is also qualified to perform invasive (e.g. facelift) and non-invasive (botox,..) procedures.

Are you considering plastic or esthetic surgery for your face or body? Don't hesitate to call on Dr. Brewaeys and his team. Contact us for an exploratory consulation.